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Banz Aisle Technology

A unique concoction of business expertise, that comes with years of experience mingled with intriguing curiosity to innovate and alleviate tech


Let us take care of your technological needs while you can spearhead to vantage point. Enable people to get better at their most important work- Work that makes them everyone’s priority

Where are we today? How do we drive tomorrow? [Let success stories speak]

We have sailed past decades to arrive at the ideal technological solution across industries, aimed to improve the integrated information system to help understand businesses better. Better structure to processes has lead to comprehensively represented analyses. Taking it further, we now have predictive analyses that give a picture how your business could fare given its current stand. Our experts would have you informed in advance to avoid sudden stock-outs or unplanned outages.

Though ERPs seem to have similar set of modules, one application cannot satisfy the needs of the diverse market. Industrial experts understand the market size and complexity of organization’s hierarchy.


Technologically sound applications have aided in the still-ongoing process. 

Our add to the table

Consult us to ensure that you pick the right tech for you. We bring to you cross-platform consultants who can give you the inter-disciplinary perspective that you need. Let us take account of your everyday behaviours and actions and drive insights for you to take Better data driven decisions that can drive transformation.

Lowest lead time and expedited delivery that can match your speed, flexibility and budget to be a part of the digital economy

"Around the Clock support for AMC/AMS"

In-store:  Creative Analysts to Old School Tech Geeks, From regional Finance experts to Industry specific SMEs,  from tech for small size, mid size to market giants, brick and mortar to e-commerce, factory to outlet, Manufacturing to Pharma, B2B to C2C.

Rules and Regulations of Banz Aisle Technology Training Program.
  • The material supplied from BAT-TP is solely for individual education and not for sharing outside or for commercial purposes.

  • Attendees are expected to be punctual

  • Attendees will be expected to report 5 to 10 mins ahead of program scheduled.

  • Due respect is to be given to the trainers. Disrespectful behavior is an offense.

  • Usage of Mobile phones during training is strictly prohibited.

  • Fees is to be submitted before the commencement of the program if any.

  • Attendees will not be entitled to a refund the paid fees after commencement of the program.

  • All attendees are expected to be in Professional attire when in campus

  • Laptops are not allowed into premises before scanning and security check

  • Carrying costly gadgets/ cash is at owners own risk.

  • Damage to the property is strictly prohibited

  • Please use, do not misuse the facilities provided at your disposal

  • Observation of deviations from the listed rules could lead to immediate termination from the enrolled program.

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